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Your Local Clearwater & Tampa Bay Area Independent Insurance Agency

The Turner Insurance Advisor Group specializes in Auto & Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Homeowners Association (HOA) & Community Association Insurance. We are licensed in many states within the U.S.

Thank You for your continued Support & Trust since 1923~!

!** Celebrating 100 Years of Insuring Tampa Bay and Most of the USA **!

Offering Competitive rates with some of the Best Companies in the Industry.

We are Licensed in Most of the United States, which means, we can insure your home, auto, business, etc, here…. and there!

Home.  Auto.  Business.  Condo Associations.  Jewelry.  RV.   We can insure just about anything!

Call Us Now:  727 442 0012 Ext 204 for a list of employees and departments.

Or click “Meet Our Staff” to View Our Employee List and their direct contact information.

Meet Our Staff | The Turner Insurance Advisor Group ( 

Prompt, Honest & Ready to Provide You with Outstanding Service!

“Let Us Ensure You Are Properly Insured*!”


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